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    Student Enrollment

    Streamline the student enrollment process with web based registration.

  • Enable 24/7 registration and allow parents to get notifications upon admission

  • Easily manage admissions by approving or rejecting applications and creating wait lists

  • Set open enrollment dates to allow enrollment only during set period of time

    Attendance Tracking

    Attendance recording and reporting through mobile device in the classroom.

  • Enter attendance in mobile friendly web interface

  • Adminsrators can track attendance data in real time and take corrective actions as needed

  • Manage student pickups and validate custodial records

  • Use attendance reports to perform trend analysis

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    Classroom Management

    Assign students to classrooms and teachers.

  • Generate classroom rosters

  • Track students to teacher ratio for each classroom

  • Create special student groups for clubs, field tips and other activities

  • Print student rosters