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    Financial Accounts and Budgets

    Track income and expenses in real time.

  • Start tracking financial transactions with minimal setup

  • Out of the box accounts available for expense tracking

  • Create budgets and manage expenses

  • Secure, role based access to financial data

  • Support for multiple sites

  • Perform financial forecasting with ease

  • Balance bank, credit card and cash accounts with full traceability of funds

    Expense Tracking

    Track all expenses along with proof of purchase.

  • Allow staff members to submit expenses

  • Role based approval work flows for all expense and payment transactions

  • Audit records

  • Manage invoices and receipts

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Funding Image


    Manage multiple sources of income for each program.

  • Map expenses and resources to individual funding source

  • Generate profit/loss statements

  • Track end to end transaction work flows for audit reports

  • Easily manage grants, donations and fees