School Administration Simplified

Frontsheets is a cloud-based software platform for managing school operations. K-12 school districts use Frontsheets to gain insights into schools' financial and operational health. With Frontsheets, school leaders manage and analyze student enrollments, attendance, staff and financial data through single pane of glass. It helps school administrators save money, reduce waste and operate more efficiently. School board members and leaders can correlate data across business areas and gain unique business insights to drive data driven decision process.

Frontsheets Story

Frontsheets software is built upon the vision of simplifying school operations and allowing administrators to make data driven management decisions. Our aim is to develop tools to empower program administrators to standardize processes and manage growth based upon real time information while maintaining fiscal compliance for public funds.

Like other major industry segments, education industry is undergoing a digital transformation. A transformation that is driven by the need to innovate and use data driven approach to managing risks. In 21st century classrooms, technology tools such as tablets, web applications and programmable gadgets are becoming a norm for delivering high quality institution. Schools need to continously adapt to new technologies and standards to remain relevant in highly dynamic and competetive market place. School leaders are required to embrace change, take risks and drive innovation. They must figure out how to optimize the use of limited resources to maximize return on investment.

To remain agile and become highly scalable, education institutions need to fundamentally change how they operate and manage resources. By combining financial and operational data, Frontsheets can build patterns of behaviour that can be analyzed to predict results and manage outcomes. Frontsheets is a highly scalable platform that can be universally adopted by education institutions or grant funded programs to manage change. To learn more about our mission and to collaborate, contact us.

If you are someone who partakes in the process of using public or grant funds to educate students, then you will greatly benefit from the solution Frontsheets Software provides. I encourage you to give it a try.

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